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Legal battle for pups awards canines to Animal Rescue Corps

One hundred and seventeen dogs taken from a puppy mill in late March of this year have been granted to the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) after a legal hearing, according to the Bella Dog Magazine.

Several animals, including four dogs and several birds, still belong to the puppy mill but another hearing is scheduled for April 15.

The news source featured pictures and videos of some of the dogs who were rescued. These include a pomeranian mix, Paul, who is only six-months-old.

Puppy mills often keep dogs in small and cramped environments, and in the case of Paul, he was "crammed in a wire cage" for almost his entire young life, according to the magazine.

Part of the reason the 107 dogs were awarded to the animal rescue organization was because the operators of the puppy mill, the defendants in the case, did not wish to pay a bond in order to have the dogs returned to them. The ARC as well as New Leash On Life and the Nashville Humane Association are all taking part in the animal rescue effort.

Animal lovers can show their support for the puppies rescued by the ARC through visiting the organization's Facebook page. Pet owners who have dogs and cats at home can support the cause of eliminating animal overpopulation by ensuring that their animals are spayed or neutered.
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