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"Like" clicks on Facebook lead to $200,000 for Japan

The Annenberg Foundation committed itself to donating $100,000 to Japan's tsunami and earthquake relief efforts if 100,000 people clicked "Like" for the organization's Dog Bless You project page on Facebook, according to USA Today.

Not only did the Foundation set aside $100,000 in the event that the "Like" clicks added up, but it promised to double the donation amount - to $200,000 - if enough people supported the fan page by Sunday, March 13.

As of 8:49 p.m. on Sunday evening, the number of "Like" clicks surpassed 101,000.

Dog Bless You is part of Explore, a "philanthropic multimedia project that showcases the positive works of non-profits around the world through documentary films and photography," according to the site's Facebook page.

The project is supported by Charlie Annenberg, who wrote that the mission is to "champion the selfless acts of animals."

The rescue effort continues in Japan, with the numbers of dead and missing still uncertain. The earthquake was the biggest in Japan in recent recorded history. 
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