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Lucky pets escape owl attack, angry boyfriend and a wine rack

Pets can get into trouble with other animals and with inanimate objects, but sometimes the pets are hurt while trying to rescue their human companions, according to

The news source looks at some of the "luckiest pets in the world," who have survived some very strange encounters.

There is Chicho, a 4-pound chihuahua, who was nearly lost when a great horned owl tried to snatch him up. The owl had a wingspan of 5 feet and probably would have eaten Chico. Luckily, the bird slammed into Chico's retractable leash and flew away.

Another dog named Edith, a collie-spaniel-mix puppy, had a run-in with a wine rack. Firefighters were called in when Edith got her head stuck inside a circular opening. The firefighters did an "absolutely great" job by cutting the rack, said Edith's owner, who described the puppy as "full of mischief."

Finally, PeoplePets reported the story of Princess, a pit bull-Rhodesian Ridgeback, who protected her owner when the owner's boyfriend became violent. The pit bull was severely injured in the fight, but survived and was a true heroine.

Currently, there are numerous rescue dogs working in Japan, along with the human effort to save as many people as possible following the Kobe earthquake.
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