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Maine police chief wants ban on "dangerous dogs"

Joe Massey, police chief of Waterville, Maine, recently told WABI TV that he would like to see the city prohibit residents from owning certain breeds. His statement comes after a 2-year-old was bitten in the face by a pit bull last week, the news source reports.

Massey said that statistics show that the top three biting dogs are pit bulls, German shepherds and Rottweilers. However, reports that the story left out specifically which source Massey was pulling his facts from. The website reports that he may have been referring to a Center for Disease Control study that found that, between 1979 and 1998, "pit bull types" were the breed responsible for most fatalities.

The website points out that this study has many flaws, including the fact that "pit bull breeds" are not an actual breed, but rather a grouping of a number of different breeds and mixes. In addition, the news source reports that the study itself said that it is not appropriate for policy-making decisions on the topic.

The Waterville Humane Society does not currently place pit bull breeds into homes with children under the age of 12, WAMI reports.  
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