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Marines show wildlife conservation efforts

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is planning on helping the wildlife in its area survive the winter by setting up food plots to feed animals who need help finding nourishment over the long winter months, the Camp Lejeune Globe reports.

The base's Environmental Management Division is working to set up plots throughout the 250 acres of small, managed clearings that are scattered across the base, which is located on the coast of North Carolina.

"Food plots have long been used by wildlife managers as a means to supplement the diets of wildlife during times of stress or during periods of the year when nutritional natural forage was deficient or lacking," Marty Korenek, a wildlife biologist with the Land and Wildlife Resources Section of the Environmental Management Division told the news source.

The plots are planted each fall with crops such as oats, wheat and clovers that thrive in cold temperatures. Certain fertilizers are also spread across the plots for optimum growing.

The Ohio State University Extension reports that establishing food plots for wildlife is easy and can be inexpensive. It suggests that individuals or conservation organizations make a list of the goals for the food plot in order to better understand specifically why the project is being undertaken and for which specific species.  
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