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Matthew Goes Back To School

Matthew (shown here) couldn’t attend school. The little boy had lost both of his parents and two of his brothers. Although his aunt worked washing clothes, there wasn’t enough money for school and Mathew often went without breakfast or dinner.

Today, through the support from Cecily’s Fund, Matthew is going to the Bwafwano Community School. Some day, the fourth grader hopes to become a pilot.

His teachers report that he loves classes, completes his homework every day, and finishes in the top ten percent of his class.

Grants from GreaterGood to Cecily’s Fund also make sure that Matthew gets a nutritious lunch at school.

To learn more about Cecily’s Fund and how they are helping orphans attend school and receive meals, check the Gifts That Give More page at The Literacy Site.

Photo of Matthew courtesy of Cecily’s Fund.

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