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McDonald's and Target drop egg supplier for animal abuse

McDonald's and Target announced that they will no longer accept eggs from Sparboe Farms, one of the nation's biggest egg suppliers, after learning about animal cruelty and FDA violations at the suppliers farms, AFP News reports.

McDonald's officially announced that they were ending the business relationship because of "the management of Sparboe facilities," but the action came after a video was released of the cruelty and unsanitary conditions at a farm by undercover animal rights activists from Mercy for Animals, ABC News reports.

Target announced that they would be pulling all of Sparboe's eggs from their shelves after "having been made aware of the unacceptable conditions in the company's egg laying facilities."

However bold the actions of these corporations are, Nathan Runkle, the executive director for Mercy for Animals, says they are too little, too late.

"This investigation illustrates that McDonald's lacks the basic policies and oversight to prevent blatant animal abuse at its egg suppliers," Runkle told the news outlet.

Runkle also pointed out how the video shows the way that health hazards, such as salmonella, can be linked to large-scale farms that produce low-cost eggs.

"They're the model of efficiency but they place an emphasis on profit over animal welfare," Runkle told the news source.  
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