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Microchips can reunite lost dogs with owners

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) connects thousands of homeless dogs with owners each year, but the case of JoJo shows how a rescue dog can be lost and found all over again with the help of a microchip, according to the organization.

After being adopted by Mark and Alejandra Ryan from a rescue group in New York City in 2009, JoJo, a lab mix, ran from his kennel in Ohio while visiting family there with his owners. Despite days of searching, the family couldn't find their pet. Finally, the county's Animal Control officials found and seized the dog and scanned his microchip, which registered with the HomeAgain microchip registration that is managed by the ASPCA, the news source reports.

The Ryans were notified and were reuinited with JoJo, who was perfectly healthy besides a paw injury and some weight loss. The story highlights the importance of shelters being able to microchip dogs. The ASPCA Adoption Center microchips all dogs for free, and owners can register their microchip information with HomeAgain, which will assist travel for pets found more than 500 miles away from home, the ASPCA reports. In addition, a membership with HomeAgain covers the cost of flying pets back to their families.  
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