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Millions of animals fed through GreaterGood 2012 grants

The Animal Rescue Site’s longtime partnership with Petfinder Foundation continued to benefit hundreds of small shelters and rescue groups in the Petfinder Network. Since 2008, the Shelter+ Challenge program on The Animal Rescue Site topped $1 million given in cash grants to these groups. In addition, grants from enabled Petfinder Foundation to expand their Rescue U program to rebuild shelters across America with the help of college student volunteers; launch a Train to Adopt program to help shelters reduce the rate of returned dogs; pay for vaccinations and other types of care for shelter pets; and much more.

“Small shelters like ours face an uphill battle every day, and programs like this one are truly invaluable in that struggle,” wrote Heather Balester, president of SPCA of Luzerne County, PA, after a Rescue U visit made possible by grants.

Additional grants given this year expanded Rescue Bank’s food distribution program to shelters throughout the United States, supported the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s rescue efforts here and abroad, and helped HSUS/Fund For Animals sanctuaries for abused or abandoned large animals.

Following weather-related disasters such as wildfires in Colorado, tornadoes in the Midwest, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, and Superstorm Sandy at the end of 2012, grants to animal rescue groups reunited pets and their owners, saved hundreds of animals, and helped many groups weather unexpected hardships in a tough economy.

Funding from GreaterGood Netwok’s "Click Here to Give" program at The Animal Rescue Site paid for 56.9 million bowls of food for animals in shelters and sanctuaries provided by hospitals and clinics, while shopping on GreaterGood Network websites like The Animal Rescue Site store funded an additional 11.4 million bowls of food for animal rescue groups.

Overall, donations exceeded $2.6 million to charity in 2012.

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