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Monkey mayhem continues in Florida

An adored primate in the Tampa Bay area is showing animal control officers that nobody can control his monkey business.

For more than one year, a rhesus macaque monkey has evaded the nets and dodged the darts of Florida wildlife trappers as he's swung and jumped his way across three counties, the New York Times reports.

Vernon Yates, a professional animal trapper has been hot on the mystery monkey's trail, but as of yet has been unable to capture the wily creature.

"He's an extremely intelligent monkey," Yates told the Associated Press. "He's kind of made a monkey out of everybody [who has] tried to catch him."

Wildlife authorities are not certain where the fugitive primate came from, but suspect that he may have escaped from a preserve in Ocala, Florida, that houses a tribe of rhesus macaques.

As the animal rescue effort continues, some of the mystery monkey's 16,000 Facebook fans continue to root for the creature to stay at-large.

"Go little money, go!" wrote one Facebook follower, adding, "No cages for you."ADNFCR-2796-ID-19692800-ADNFCR
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