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Montana animal shelter looks after blind horse

Sissy is a 15-year-old blind horse, who is living at Deer Haven Ranch near Yellowstone National Park, according to a new report from Reuters. She is being helped by goats and sheep who are being called "seeing-eye sheep [and] goats."

"Sissy came with five goats and five sheep -- and they take care of her. They round her up at feeding time and then move aside to make sure she gets to the hay. They show her where the water is and stand between her and the fence to let her know the fence is there," Michelle Feldstein, who runs the private rescue organization, told the publication..

Feldstein and her husband run Deer Haven together, providing a home for unwanted animals. The cost of running the organization can be as high as $50,000 each year. However, Feldstein finds her job extremely rewarding.

"There's a magic involved in sheep, goats and a horse becoming best friends," says Feldstein.

Horses can weigh anywhere from 120 to 2,200 pounds and stand between 30 to 69 inches to the shoulders, according to National Geographic. It is most likely that Asian nomads first made horses into domesticated animals more than 4,000 years ago. Since then, horses have taken part in human activities from transportation to racing. 
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