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Moose shows loyalty, love for woman

Vanesaa Gibson has a Valentine's date. He may be more than 6 feet tall and weigh over 1,000 pounds, but Jack the Alaskan moose is protective of his foster mother, so much so that he doesn't like it when her human boyfriend comes around, The Daily Mail reports.

Gibson, 23, met Jack when he was just 3 days old when she was interning one summer at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. He was injured with a bite on his right hip and had a complete fracture above his right front knee. His mother had abandoned him, but as the 25-pound baby moose laid his head in her lap, Gibson swore she wouldn't.

"Many people do not understand my relationship with him," she told the news outlet. "I want everyone to know that my relationship with Jack is very special and extremely unique.

Time Magazine reports that investigators are noticing friendships all across the animal kingdom - from unlikely interspecies relationships to just as scientifically-baffling same-species ones. Noting the capacity of animals to seemingly love each other is something that humans had never given non-humans credit for, the news outlet points out. 
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