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More than 700 dogs and 400 cats saved in Santa Barbara

More than 1,000 dogs and cats were saved by animal rescue workers in the Santa Barbara region, through the workers' dedication and participation in what are often small rescue organizations, according to a recent report in The Independent.

There is an animal over-population problem throughout the United States, and in order to combat the problem, pet owners are encouraged to spay and neuter their animals. This can significantly lower the number of pets who end up in animal rescue shelters and are sometimes euthanized for lack of adopters.

In Santa Barbara, Lesley Bloomer and Carrie LeBlanc are doing their part to help rescue animals. They have established the Santa Barbara chapter of the Animal Rescue Fund.

"Without question, this fund will have an enormous impact upon the local rescue community. Each dollar donated will go directly to the costs of saving an animal whose life would otherwise be cut short," Bloomer told the news source.

According to the article, many animals are overlooked for adoption because of their ragged appearance, a health problem or because the animal is traumatized. About 77.5 million dogs are household pets in the U.S., according to the Humane Society, but many more are still waiting to be welcomes into loving homes. 
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