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Mountain lion and house cat have stare-down

When the 11-year-old house cat Zeus came face to face with a mountain lion outside its Boulder, Colorado, home, owner Gail Loveman was there with a camera, MSNBC reports.

Luckily, the two felines were separated by the sliding glass door, because the lion's mother and siblings were also roaming Loveman's backyard, the news source reports. Loveman said that the mountain lion tried to paw at the cat through the glass and offered up a kiss at one point. She took photographs and shared them with the news source, and the encounter was an amusing, not dangerous, one.

The population of mountain lions, also known as cougars and pumas, is relatively small in the United States, compared to what it once was, making attacks on humans rare. According to the Humane Society of the United States, attacks, injuries and fatal encounters between cougars and humans is increasing, but livestock and pets are particularly at risk. They prefer young, small prey, so pets left outside unattended in "cougar country" are at high risk of being attacked.  
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