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NERN expands gelding program

NERN California ClinicNational Equine Resource Network’s (NERN) low-cost gelding clinic drive expanded to Washington state in September.

"Our goal has always been to develop a model that will work anywhere. We believe that with the success of our pilot program in California we've done just that," stated Shirley Puga, NERN Executive Director. "Now it's time to take it on the road."

NERN’s low cost gelding clinics have provide horse owners, struggling in today's economy, a lowcost way to reduce the number of unwanted foals that might end up being turned over to already heavily burdened rescue groups.

The Washington clinic, a two-day affair in September, was co-hosted by three horse rescue affiliates - Horse Harbor Foundation in Kitsap County, Sunrise Equine Rescue in Mason County, and Center Valley Animal Rescue in Jefferson County.

These three 501(c)(3) equine rescue sanctuaries partnered on Project Safety Net, a local owner assistance program, that enabled more than sixty horses to remain safe in their homes, with good owners who were struggling due to layoffs and other factors.

A requirement for assistance in the Project Safety Net program was that any stallions or colts be gelded before any assistance was provided. For that reason, these horse rescuers were highly receptive to the NERN gelding clinic program.

In addition to  clinics in CA and WA, NERN is organizing a two-day clinic in Nevada and also is exploring opportunities in other western states. Visit their website at for a current schedule of clinics or contact NERN at to inquire about participation. supports this group and other horse rescue efforts through The Animal Rescue Site's Gifts That Give More program.

Photo taken at NERN clinic in California.

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