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NERN helps horse owners

Gelding ClinicThe National Equine Resource Network’s (NERN) launched a low-cost gelding clinic program earlier this year in California in an effort to help horse owners reduce the population of unwanted horses or foals turned over to rescue organizations.
Shirley Puga, NERN Founder, said her organization initiated the gelding program as an effective and proactive tool to reduce the neglect and abandonment of horses across the country.

By partnering with veterinary colleges, NERN is able to offer cash-strapped horse owners an economical alternative to either giving up their stallions or leaving them unfixed.

"We are creating a template that can be used by local equine veterinarians, equine rescuers and other advocates," Puga said, who designed the program in California as a model that can easily be used anywhere in the country.

NERN wants to make the low cost gelding clinic model available to all interested parties, along with the necessary seed money to implement local programs.

An equine sanctuary in Washington state has already committed to holding a clinic in 2012.

An interesting additional benefit of these clinics is that they have provided valuable hands-on experience for numerous vet students and interns, Puga added. recently added a Gift That Gives More [tm] to benefit this program. For more information, please click here. also supports equine rescue efforts across the country through contributions from The Animal Rescue Site.

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