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National Pet Week is May 1 to 7

National Pet Week is here! The first week of Mary will celebrate cats and dogs and other animals, and much information can be found at, where real life pet heroes are showcased.

National Pet Week promotes the adoption of pets from animal shelters. There are so many animals in need of a loving home that if one makes the decision to have a new pet, adoption should be the first method they consider.

"Although a majority of pet parents express a desire to rescue their next pet, they aren’t doing so at the same rate. If more people followed through on their wishes, we could make a real impact on the rescued animal population in this country," said Dr. Elizabette Cohen, a veterinarian.

According to a new report from The Hartz Mountain Corporation, pet owners choose personality over pedigree when it comes to taking in a new animal. About 98 percent of pet owners surveyed by Hartz indicated that they cared about more than just the physical appearance of a dog or cat.

Animal overpopulation is a problem throughout the country and one of the ways to combat it is through the spaying and neutering of household pets. For those who already have an animal, this is one of the most important things one can do for the health of the pet as well as the overpopulation problem.
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