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Nearly 1,000 dogs rescued from meat industry in China

Animal rights activists stepped in to save almost 1,000 dogs from slaughterhouses in southwestern China recently, MyFox New York reports.

Roughly 200 people from two different animal welfare organizations stepped in to intercept three trucks that were transporting the dogs to be slaughtered in the Guangxi Zhuange Autonomous Region on Saturday, the media outlet reports.

They negotiated with the dog trader and settled on paying about 83,000 yen, or $13,000, for the dogs to be freed from their horrible fate. The rescue organizations, the Sichuan Qiming Animal Adoption Center (SCAPC) and the Chengdu Home of Love, told China Daily that they did not give the money to buy the dogs, but rather because of humanitarian reasons.

A deputy party chief of a local district told the groups that the man selling the animals was very poor, Qiao Wei, of the SCAPC, told the news source. Otherwise, they would not have given him a cent.

The trader has made a written promise to give up dog trading and the dogs are now being cared for by the two welfare groups. Officials said that some of the dogs had been stolen from owners while others were sick and would have posed a risk for consumers. 
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