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Netherlands working to save seals after natural disasters

Animal rescue efforts in the Netherlands are working to save baby seals that were separated from their mothers during the storms that have ravaged the coast in recent months, The Associated Press reports.

A wave of these orphaned seals has caused an existing seal nursery in Groningen, the Netherlands to build a temporary tent to house and care for them. In the last 10 days alone, more than 100 seals have been brought to the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center, which now houses about 350 animals total.

Lenie 't Hart, the founder of the nursery, told the news outlet that none of the seals will remain in captivity, which is why it is important to give them the care they need now. Some of the orphans were separated from their mothers at such a young age they still have their umbilical cords attached.

Volunteers and workers at the center feed the seals whole herring or a porridge of mashed herring, re-hydration salts and water. Some also need antibiotics and vitamins to regain enough strength to return to the wild.

The BBC reports that 't Hart's center has not seen anything like this influx of orphaned seals in the center's 40 years of existence. 
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