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New Animal Planet series shows power of pets

The new Animal Planet show "Saved" is not another show about how people have taken in abandoned and abused pets, saving them from a life of misery and giving them a better life. No, it is the opposite: a show telling stories of how pets have literally saved their owners during difficult times, according to the New York Daily News.

These stories are not minor incidents of a dog soothing an upset child or leading a person who is vision-impaired, though these stories are also inspiring. Instead, this series focuses on intense traumas, the news source reports.

In one episode, a family who has suffered the loss of their son and fiance in the Iraq War adopts one of the puppies that the soldier, Army Spec. Justin Rollins, found near an abandoned Iraqi police station the night before he was killed by an improvised explosive device. In another, a woman who has led a life of homelessness finds purpose in an adopted dog.

Psychology Today reports that multiple studies have proven the way that having a pet around may reduce feelings of stress and depression, most notably loneliness.  
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