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New Years resolutions for people and pets

When the new year rolls around, many people are thinking of ways they can improve upon their own lives in some way. Pet owners may also want to consider how to improve their animal's life around this time of year, the Bradenton Herald reports.

Humans often think of diet and exercise when they begin to set goals for the new year. In an effort to provide a pet with the best quality of life possible, owners should also consider setting similar goals for their pets. Not only does exercise have physical benefits for pets, it is one of the best ways to attain a human-animal bond, the news source reports.

Good nutrition is also important to keep your pet at a healthy weight and to maintain optimum health of its internal and external organs - including skin, coat, and immune system.

Making more time to play with, feed, groom and socialize with existing pets are venerable new year's resolutions for any pet owner, according to MyFox Houston. For those who have care to spare, it may also be a good time to resolve to improve the lives of other animals by adopting a new pet or volunteering with an animal rescue organization. 
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