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New book helps pet owners keep dog and cat memories

A new book by Dolores Hestad aims to give pet owners an opportunity to keep memories based on their cat or dog's life, according to a recent report from the Los Angeles Times.

Hestad is a great-grandmother who owns a dog named Shadow. Shadow is 5-years-old and is a Shih-tzu. Hestad writes on her website about how she came up with the idea to make a pet memory book.

"[Shadow] had taken a plane ride from Seattle to California, went to the beach for the first time and tasted the salt water. When we got home I started to do some research and writing things down and I thought, why not write a book like a baby book but only for dogs and cats?"

Hestad has previously published "This Is My Kitty Life" and "This Is My Doggie Life." The new book is available on Hestad's website and through several online retailers.

There are more than 93 million household cats and 77 million household dogs in the U.S., according to the Humane Society. Many people own more than one dog or one cat per household. However, there are still numerous animals up for adoption at local shelters and animal rescue centers.
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