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New crab species found on ocean floor

Deep in the tides of the Southern Ocean, scientists have discovered a new species of crab that they have dubbed "the Hoff" after David Hasselhoff, CNN reports.

The crustacean was named after the legendary "Baywatch" actor for its hairy chest, but has yet to be formally classified. Found around the volcanic vents off South Georgia, the crabs dwell in massive piles - up to 600 of the crabs occur in one square meter, according to BBC News.

Alex Rogers, professor of zoology at Oxford University who led the research cruise that found the crab, told the news outlet that it is a type of yeti crab, a variety that was first identified in the southern Pacific Ocean and are recognized for the hairs, or setae, along their claws and limbs. They use these hairs to cultivate the bacteria which they then eat.

The new species near the East Scotia Ridge have long setae on their ventral surface, which may also be referred to as their chests.

"The crab occurs in staggering densities. It is just incredible to see these animals literally lying in heaps around the diffuse flow of these vents," Rogers told the news source. 
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