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New frog species discovered in New York City

Scientists often find new species at the furthest corners of the globe, but one of the most recent discoveries was croaking right on Staten Island, New York, The Associated Press reports. The new species of leopard frog had been overlooked for years because it was confused with the already-discovered southern leopard frog.

It was not until Jeremy A. Feinberg, a doctoral candidate from Rutgers University, took a closer listen to the frog's croaking that the amphibian was distinguished from its close cousin.

"I started hearing these calls, and I realized they were really distinct," Feinberg told The New York Times. While the southern leopard frog is a repetitive chuckle, Feinberg noticed a single chuck from this species.

That was in 2009. Now, Feinberg and four other scientists who joined him in researching the frog in a number of field and laboratory studies can say with confidence that they have discovered a brand new, yet unnamed species in New York City and surrounding areas.

The new species is one of about a dozen other varieties whose range spans Canada and Central America, the Times reports.
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