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New monkey species discovered in Myanmar

Scientists have discovered a new monkey species in Northeastern Myanmar that has some interesting features, including a long tail, all black fur and an upturned nose. reports that the species, called Rhinopithecus strykeri, was found in the high-altitude region of the Kachin State. The small animal's tail accounts for almost 140 percent of their body size.

"While the species is new to science the local people know it well and claim that it is very easy to find when it is raining because the monkeys often get rainwater in their upturned noses causing them to sneeze," scientists said in a statement.

The monkeys, whose upturned noses cause them to sneeze when it rains, spend dreary days with their heads tucked between their knees. Researchers believe there is between 260 and 330 of the monkeys currently living in the world, and their numbers have decreased due to logging and other projects that are destroying their habitat.

According to there are 41,415 endangered species in the world, with 16,306 being in danger of extinction.
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