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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Animal rescue shelters have seen an influx of pets coming in over the past few months, and although there are people adopting them, older dogs often suffer.

While most people considering adding a furry friend to the family look for a fairly young animal, individuals should remember that that older pets need homes too. According to, the ASPCA has pushed for November to be known as Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which would allow shelters and organizations to highlight the benefits of an older animal.

The news source reports that older pets are often easier to train, are much calmer and more affectionate, and usually settle in with people and other pets quicker than puppies. Those looking for an animal but don't want have to go through all the training may do well with a senior pet. also notes that senior pets are often already housebroken, have usually matured to their full size and they have better impulse control compared to puppies of kittens.

Those who are considering adopting a new pet may want to look at older animals who need a forever home.
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