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Officials try to find homes for prison cats

Stray cats that have found a home at the state-run prison in South Florida are in need of news homes now that the Department of Corrections has decided to close the 1,000-person prison, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Cats and kittens have settled into the grounds because inmates have fed them, though they are not supposed to, according to a spokeswoman from the Florida Department of Correction.

Animal Care and Control Director Dianne Sauve send out an email for help finding homes for the felines, announcing that she would waive adoption fees for these cats in particular.

"Our goal is to save as many of the healthy, adoptable cats as possible and to place them into loving homes," Sauve wrote in the email, according to the news source.

So far, 23 prison cats have been taken to the county shelter after being captured at the prison, according to Captain Dave Walesky, operations manager for animal care and control.

Only 69 inmates are still at the prison, awaiting transfers. As of Monday, there were more cats at the prison than prisoners, The Boston Globe reports.  
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