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Old laptops used to rescue lost dogs

Computers that were formerly used by the police department in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are now being put to use to help animal control officers more effectively return lost pets to their owners, The Journal Gazette reports.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control vehicles are now equipped with the laptops, which are programmed with software called Home Again. Using this program, officers can see pet owners' information, allowing them to bring the pets directly home when they are found, instead of bringing them to local shelters.

So far, the 11 laptop computers that have been in use since August have helped officers return 66 lost pets directly to their owners. Last year, officers only returned about 26 pets directly during that time period.

In addition to reuniting owners and pets faster, the program saves money and resources for the shelters, which would normally feed and house the animals while they await pickup by their owners.

The technology makes it all the more important for owners to have their pets registered through the city and keep their microchip information up to date. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals strongly recommends that owners microchip their pets, as it has proven an effective way to locate them when lost. 
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