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One-eyed horse thriving after birth

A horse born with one eye is getting a second chance at life, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Donna Ewing, founder of the Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society, took the filly in after it was abandoned by its owner. After deciding to euthanize the animal, she realized she had second thoughts.

"I told him, 'Use your best judgment,'" Ewing told the news outlet. "He used his best judgment and here she is. She's the princess of the herd."

Now affectionately named One-Eye, the 4-month-old horse appears to be thriving. And while Ewing waits to see if the young animal and her mother will find a forever home, she maintains she always knew things would work out for the best.

"She always had a spirit that you knew would survive," volunteer Nancy McClure told the news outlet. "She's never known anything was wrong about her or different about her."

Experts believe that horses are abandoned as often as dogs or cats, and many of the animals are looking for loving homes.
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