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Organization releases endangered species guidelines for government

The Center for Biological Diversity released a new report recently outlining the best ways that the federal government can ensure that endangered plants and animal species are protected to the fullest extent under the Endangered Species Act.

The report, entitled, A Future for All: A Blueprint for Strengthening the Endangered Species Act, contains guidelines that range from addressing global warming issues to protecting critical habitat. In addition, it outlines ways the government can protect endangered species from harm and urges the full funding of efforts to prevent their extinction.

All in all, the report contains 20 important policy recommendations for the Obama administration in hopes that they will be used to improve the Endangered Species Act, which the organization cites is responsible for the rehabilitation of several important species.

"The bald eagle, peregrine falcon and American alligator are just a few of the species that have rebounded and recovered under the Endangered Species Act, and hundreds more are on their way," said report author Noah Greenwald, endangered species program director at the center. "Although the Endangered Species Act has been an undeniable success, when it comes to carrying it out there's plenty of room for improvement."
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