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Orphaned grizzly cubs rescued

Three young grizzly bear cubs were rescued by the Northern Lights Wildlife Society (NLWS) after their mother had been killed.

As reports, the animals were left orphaned after their mother charged at a conservation officer that had been checking bear traps. The organization took them in where they are joining two other grizzlies that were rescued earlier this month.

"Grizzly bears face increased threats ranging from habitat loss to conflict with humans," NLWS Director Angelika Langen told the news source. "We are thrilled to be able to rescue these five little bears and look forward to caring for them day and night until they are ready to go back to the wild."

The rescue workers will spend the next several months rehabilitating the cubs and preparing them to fend for themselves in the wild. When they are prepared for release, they will be equipped with geo-tracking collars so researchers can study their movement patterns.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, there are less than 1,500 grizzly bears left in the continental United States. The low population is due in part to over-hunting.
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