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Pampas Cat: An Enigma

Cats can be sneaky, so it's not a surprise that this one has been hiding behind the scenes up until now. Most recently, the Beni Savannas nature reserve in Bolivia experienced a rare sighting of the elusive Pampas Cat!

The Pampas Cat, also known as the Chilean Pampas Cat or Grass Cat, is a small Southern American Cat that is found in habitats ranging from grassland to forests. It has a coat that varies from yellowish-white to brown or silvery grey depending on where it lives. With similar features to a house cat, this built-tough kitty has a thick bushy tail and tufted ears. The ICUN considers this species to be "near threatened" due to its diminishing habitat, but thanks to the efforts of groups like World Land Trust-US, these wild cats have a chance at a comeback.

The Pampas Cat joins the a growing list of mammals on the reserve, including other big cats like the Ocelot, Puma, Jaguar, and Margay cat. This is further evidence that with reserves like this one, we have a higher chance of protecting and regenerating species that may become extinct without them.

You can help support WLT-US and the reserve where the Pampas cat was sighted! Click here to learn more.

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