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Panda cub doing well at Atlanta zoo

Great news for those who were wondering about the newborn baby giant panda at the Atlanta zoo. The cub, a male, appears to be thriving after its birth.

"He looks great and is progressing well for this stage in his one month long life," Dr. Hayley Murphy, director of veterinary services for Zoo Atlanta, told

It was just a month ago that the baby cub, the only giant panda to be born in the U.S. this year, made its entrance into the world. He is the third offspring of pandas Lun Lun and Yang Yang, all of whom were conceived by artificial insemination.

The Atlanta zoo is waiting 100 days to announce the name of the cub, which will follow in Chinese tradition. In the meantime, his mom appears to be doing a standup parenting job.

"His mother is taking great care of him and has great maternal instincts," Murphy told the news outlet.

Experts believe that there are only around 1,600 giant pandas left in the world. Because it's difficult for the animals to reproduce, scientists often rely on artificial insemination.
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