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Pet owners can help animals from choking

It's what every pet owner fears, - watching your animal struggle for air and feeling helpless. However, when Chris Mallett's seven-year-old bulldog Stella started choking, he sprung into action, reports

Stella was feeling a little hungry, so she stole a spare rib during a family barbecue. She accidentally inhaled the bone after finishing her treat and it became lodged in herthroat.

When Mallett saw her struggling, he managed to open her jaws and see the five inch bone obstructing her airway. Fortunately, he reached in and was able to pull it out.

However, Stella had been deprived of oxygen so she became unconscious, and without missing a beat, Chris performed rescue breathing on her, the new source reports.

Thankfully, Stella came to and was only a little dazed from the experience.

"She lifted up her head and looked like she'd had 15 beers, but eventually she got up," he told the news provider.

Chris's animal rescue efforts helped save his dog's life. The technique he administered is one of many that pet owners should learn in case their animal is ever in distress.ADNFCR-2796-ID-19826015-ADNFCR
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