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Pet pampering increases as owners purchase gourmet foods

Most people know that pet parents often treat their dogs and cats as though they're members of the family, but now there may be some research to back up those claims.

According to The Telegraph, retail analysts Kantar Worldpanel has claimed that "pet humanization" has led to a 6.7 increase in pet food sales in the past year alone. The news source also points to certain factors, such as a flux of single person households, as a reason for people to spoil their pets.

"We are seeing an increased desire not only to treat pets to the very best but also to ensure what they feed them will meet their optimal nutritional requirements," Ben Thompson of Mars Petcare told the news outlet.

While there is some debate about whether or not gourmet pet food helps animals improve their wellbeing, variety may be the spice of life. According to, pet owners should change their pup's food every once in a while in order to offer them a wide range of flavors and nutrients.
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