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Pet stores ban drunk puppy buying to prevent abuse and neglect

Pet stores in the West Village of New York City have banned the purchase of puppies by people who have been drinking alcohol, DNA reports. The ban came after local pet stores, which are surrounded by bars and clubs, noticed trends of impulse buying in drunk customers.

One shop manager, Fernanda Moritz, told the news source that customers in her store cannot buy or even hold puppies if they have been drinking. She sees an influx of drunk customers after happy hour, around 6 p.m., she said.

Moritz said that in addition to likely being unprepared for the responsibility of owning a dog, which often causes next-day returns, customers who come into her store are more likely to abuse the animals in the time that they own them.

One Chihuahua was returned the next day nearly dead, she told the news source. Veterinarians found five pills in the dog's stomach, pumped it and saved its life, but Moritz said the dog almost didn't make it.

Other shop owners have had similar experiences, and say that although the practice may not be good for business, they would much rather prefer to lose the sale than to see a puppy go to a bad home. 
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