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Pets and techs increasingly merge

Advancements in technology are not just producing iPads and smartphones for humans, but are affecting animals as well, according to a recent report in Discovery.

GPS tracking devices located on a dog's collar help locate one's pet and provide a much more advanced technology than the old dog tag.

There is even such a thing as a dog Twittering system, developed by Mattel, called "Puppy Tweets." The device, also a collar, includes motion sensor and tweets pre-recorded information based on different dog activities.

A device called a "SNIF Tag" - developed by graduates of the MIT Media Lab - help owners keep track of what other dogs their pets have socialized with, perhaps in order to arrange future pet-dates.

Another MIT graduate named Matthew Mazzotta conceived the Park Spark Project in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he designed a public park installation that allows pet owners to deposit dog poop, which is then converted into methane and used to turn on a streetlamp.

According to the Park Spark official website, methane digestors are a simple technology that is environmentally-friendly.
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