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Pets may suffer back-to-school anxiety too

As everyone prepares to return to their busy schedules as summer winds down, our pets may have some difficulty adjusting to spending days alone in the house or not having as much time with their families as they have for the past few months.

Some pets have no problem settling back into the fall routine as the kids return to school and parents being working again, but others may suffer from anxiety and begin to act out, The Orange County Register reports.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) lists chewing and digging, going to the bathroom inside the home, attempting to escape the home and constant barking and whining as some common signs that your pet may be having trouble adjusting to the back-to-school schedule.

Luckily, the ASPCA also has some tips for owners to help animals adjust to the new schedule. Start off by introducing small periods of time where they are alone, and gradually increase the amount of time so they can adjust to a new schedule.

Also, giving a dog a toy or treat every time you leave may help them adjust and associate the time alone as being rewarding. When you leave they may remain calm because they have been rewarded.
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