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Pets thrive on homemade food

Though most pet parents are used to buying food for their four-footed friends at the grocery store, some animal lovers prefer to whip up home-cooked pet-friendly meals, according to the New York Times.

"We know processed foods are wrong for us," Barbara Laino, who cooks every meal her pooch eats, told the news source. "It has to be wrong for them. If you can feed yourself healthily and your children, then you can feed your pets healthily, too. It really isn't' that hard."

In addition to home-cooked meals, many pet owners are looking to the organic pet food market to keep their animal fit. This trend may be particularly popular among people who prefer to eat organic foods themselves.

Advocates of organic or homemade meals for pets argue that the fresh ingredients have made their pets healthier and increased their longevity, reports the news outlet.

Those who want to encourage their pet to eat healthily should plan mealtimes in advance, rather than leaving out a bowl of food all day. Additionally, it's best to avoid feeding a dog or cat table scraps, according to
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