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Pit bull gets Neighbor of the Year award for saving owner

Georgia resident John Benton did not understand why his pit bull, Titan, was running around madly one morning, blocking the door to prevent him from leaving for work. Following Titan upstairs, he found his wife, Gloria, had suffered a brain aneurysm after falling down and fracturing her skull, CBS Atlanta reports.

If not for the dog, Benton says his wife probably would not be with them today. It is this heroic action that earned Titan the Neighbor of the Year award from the Vintage Pointe Neighborhood Association, the news source reports.

The award is the first given to a dog, and is especially important given the dog's breed, according to Gwinnett County Sheriff Sean Smith.

"Unfortunately that particular breed has gotten a bad rap," he told the news outlet. "So on an occasion like that where we can celebrate that breed and something positive that they've done, that's why we wanted to take this opportunity, he said.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, animal control officers across the country say that when they alert the media to a dog attack, no one is interested unless it is a pit bull. This leads to over-representation of pit bulls as vicious when they are actually likely on par with other breeds.  
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