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Polar bear in search of food swims hundreds of miles

Scientists studying polar bears in an area known as the Beaufort Sea, north of Canada, witnessed one of the animals swimming without stopping for a total of nine days. During this time, the bear traveled more than 426 miles, according to The Daily Mail.

Many researchers suggest that the feat undertaken by this polar bear was primarily due to global warming, as the animal's natural habitat is diminishing quickly. Scientists warn that if major changes aren't made to preserve the bear's habitat, stories like this could be more common.

"We are in awe that an animal that spends most of its time on the surface of sea ice could swim constantly for so long in water so cold," research zoologist George M. Durner told the news source. "It truly is an amazing feat."

This incident marks the first time that scientists were able to track a polar bear's entire journey on open water. The researchers used a GPS-enabled collar to follow the animal's path through the sea.

According to Polar Bears International, there are only five countries that contain polar bears: the U.S., Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway.
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