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Polar bear migration will be streamed online

Thanks to the work of an animal welfare group and a philanthropic organization, everyone on the World Wide Web will be able to watch as polar bears migrate through Canada, the International Business Times reports.

The incredible show once available only to locals, tourists and scientists will show the bears during their annual migration that occurs late October through November. founder and filmmaker Charlie Annenberg is leading the project that he will stream live on his website.

Annenberg installed high-resolution cameras in a makeshift lodge and tundra buggey in Churchill town, Manitoba, the news source reports.

"The bears come here to wait for the Hudson's Bay to freeze over so they can go out and hunt seals over the winter," Annenberg told AFP by telephone from Churchill. "It's just started to snow here and in the coming days you'll be able to watch the water in the bay actually freeze to ice and the bears walk off to begin their hunt 100 miles off the coast."

The videos are now available for viewing on  
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