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Police officer adopts dog that he rescued from cruelty

Michigan police officer Michael Lake stepped up to adopt Cricket, a small dog whose owner was recently charged for animal abuse and drunk driving after taking the canine for a "walk" by driving and holding the dog's leash out the window, reports.

When the previous owner, Keith John Parker, drove too fast, the dog was dragged and suffered
an injury to its paw and face. However, shortly after police arrested Parker for these actions, he relinquished ownership of the dog, named Cricket.

Although a handful of officers volunteered to adopt the dog, Lake mentioned it first, he told the Daily Tribune.

"I mentioned it first. I guess I drew the lucky straw," Lake told the publication. "She's such a lovable dog."

Despite her injuries, the dog is playful and spunky, according to Lake. She was taken to the veterinarian soon after her adoption, and now lives at home with Lake, his wife and their other dog, a German shorthair pointer. Lake said his wife would love the pooch, which appears to be a black terrier mix, because she has always wanted a smaller dog, Dogster reports. 
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