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Police rescue forty dogs and six cats

Animal rescuers were lucky to find a group of animals alive after they were left without water for three days.

A breeder living in Snohomish County, Washington suffered a heart attack, leaving behind his forty dogs and six cats. For three days, authorities were unaware of the man’s death and his plethora of animals, whom were bred and cared for without a license.

Neighbors insisted he was a well-to-do man who meant all the best for the animals. Mike Kolb told KING 5 news, "He was a breeder guy and he loved animals, you know, but he took care of
them well, fed them well, washed them, every one of them.”

The Washington State Legislature cites that possessing more than 50 dogs that are less than 6 months old and not spayed or neutered is illegal. While this particular breeder was beneath the 50-dog limit, he was under investigation prior to his heart attack for having too many animals.

The Everett Animal Shelter has taken custody of the animals and most, if not all, will be put up for adoption by September, the news source reports. 
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