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Poor economy causing animal shelters to fill

Animal shelter managers across Idaho cite the economy as the main reason for the influx in animals to their facilities in the past three years, the Magic Valley Times News reports.

Dr. Patrick Jones, veterinarian and owner of Fairview Animal Hospital, told the news source that many dogs are surrendered when owners have to move for financial reason, such as a loss of job or downsizing.

Owners who cannot afford to pay the $25-$50 fee that most animal shelters require to surrender a pet will abandon the animal on the street or near a neighborhood shelter, the news source reports.

This is what bothers Ann Marie Klopsch, an animal lover in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who has become a foster parent to 11 cats and one pit bull since moving to the area, the News-Sentinel reports.

"How can people just dump their family pet and not feel guilty or constantly wonder if they're OK?" she asked the news source. While Klopsch spends her own money and time on the animals she rescues, many other rescuers, including some shelters, do not have the resources to do so.

However, shelter managers in Idaho say that they have noticed that people will donate money or volunteer hours in lieu of adopting.  
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