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Protestors in Malta march for animal rights

The Circus Animal Rights Coalition in Malta has once again took to the streets in the name of animal rights, the Independent Reports.

According to the news source, the group, which is comprised of more than 20 animal welfare organizations, annually marches to protest a popular circus show in the country.

"Circuses often put animals through painful and punitive methods to perform tricks which are contradictory to their natural instincts and behavior," the organization said in a statement.

Some of the creatures in the show include tigers, lions, horses and parrots, which the group insists are being mistreated. The organization is calling for the formation of a non-animal circus, in which artistic performance would be highlighted and would nullify animal cruelty.

The stance against using our four-legged friends for human entertainment is something that activists in the U.S. share as well. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) maintains that creatures used in circus shows are continually beaten and are subdued with muzzles, whips, tight collars and electric prods.
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