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Puppy rescued from top of train car adopted

A black Labrador retriever puppy was rescued from the top of a moving train after traveling through nearly four states, MSNBC reports.

Tina Parker of Pickens, South Carolina, noticed the black spot on top of the train as she was stopped in her car at a red light as it was passing by. She soon realized that it was a puppy and immediately called 911 before following the train to Liberty.

The Pennsylvania train was on its way to Atlanta, Georgia, but the puppy was rescued from the train car by the Liberty Fire Department, the news source reports. The puppy was on top of the Hunter boxcar, which are about 20 feet tall.

Parker and her family adopted the pup and named her Boxcar Hunter, or Boxy for short, The Washington Post reports. The dog will be checked out by a veterinarian in the coming weeks, but the Parkers report that she seems to be in good health.

"Boxy" has joined the Parkers' two other dogs and is adapting well to her new family, the news source reports.  
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