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Putting Your Cat On The Map

When the ZSL London Zoo added a new pair of critically endangered Sumatran tigers to their population, they put them on the map.  The Cat Map.  The zoo decided to put together an interactive survey of pet cats living in London.  They created the Cat Map: A Survey Of Cats, on which users could upload feline profiles of their beloved pets.  

The idea of putting special cats on the  map appealed to a far wider audience than just London.  Very quickly, enthusiastic people from around the world began adding their beloved pets to the map - Australia, Japan, the U.S., and much more.  

According to the zoo's website, "Cat Map mimics techniques used by field conservationists when recording the numbers and locations of individual animals in the wild."  When users upload their feline friends, they are asked to include the age (cat or kitten), gender, and color, as well as the name of their cat.  The system uploads the information, adds an adorable icon with, and the information is recorded for posterity.

Users can then use the same fields to check out adorable pet cats from around the world.  The map is searchable, and you can zoom in on specific areas for more detail.  Click on a cat icon and a card pops up with the cat's name, photo, and a short description.  

Want to see where it all started? Check out the ZSL London Zoo's Tiger Territory.  Want to add your fabulous feline to the Cat Map?  Click here.

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