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Putting a dog to peace at home

Losing a dog is never easy - for many people, it is like losing a member of their family. However, when a dog is sick or in pain, the most humane thing to do is often to put it to sleep.

The experience of bringing a beloved pet to the veterinarian for this last procedure can be traumatic for many people, which is why more and more veterinarians are bringing the operation into peoples homes to help ease the pain, The Seattle Times reports.

"It really made a terrible situation much better," Wendy Bowlds, of Gainesville, Virginia, told the news source. In May, Bowlds had her elderly mutt, Niki, put down in her favorite spot - her dog bed in the kitchen. "There's nothing so awful as leaving the vet's office with nothing but the empty leash."

In addition to making it easy on the owner, some feel it makes the animal's last moments more peaceful.

"Going to the vet was always stressful," Jim Schenning, who recently put down his 15-year-old Jack Russell terrier, told the news source. "I didn't want her last day on this Earth to be, 'Oh, no, we're going into that white building.'" reports that no matter where the dog is euthanizes, pet owners should know what the procedure will entail in order to be as comfortable with it as possible. 
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