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Random acts of kindness gave dog new life

Casper the golden retriever was going to be put to sleep because he was born blind. However, thanks to the generosity of thousands of strangers, the puppy was able to get his cataracts removed and the dog has now been adopted, the Daily Mail reports.

Destined to die at just 8 weeks old, Dogs Friends, an animal rescue organization in the South West U.K., took him in. Charity Worker Sally Baker was so touched by the pooch that she decided to raise money for his surgery. After giving out about 5,000 leaflets throughout the town of Bristol, Baker told the news outlet that donations - some from childrens' allowances, others from seniors' pensions - came flowing in.

Although aiming to raise 2,000 pounds for the surgery, Baker, who adopted Casper, raised 7,000 in just a few weeks.

'We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people. Casper has touched everybody's hearts," she told the news outlet.

After getting Casper's cataracts replaced with clear lenses, Baker used the rest of the money to pay for the operations of other dogs at the shelter and will fund other treatments, the news source reports. 
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